5 stunning layouts for photo collages

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Having an excessive number of photographs makes it tough to narrow the selection down to a single one for printing and framing. Prints made from collages are an interesting and eye-catching way to display your most cherished memories.


Aside from the freedom to arrange photographs in any manner that suits your fancy, you also have the option to turn your collages into framed or canvas prints that will look great on your walls. We’ve put together a list of five of our favorite collage layouts, along with some pointers on how to make the most of them for your own memories.


Typical collage of three people

With this landscape-style photo collage, you can display cherished memories from important milestones in your life while also preserving them for the future. Include three of your best photos from a single event or occasion — such as a wedding, a birthday, or a trip — in this arrangement. It’s a great way to show off photos of loved ones, too.


Small and medium versions of the classic trio may be utilized to compliment the overall décor of a place, while a larger 36″ x 24″ dimension can serve as a magnificent photographic centerpiece.


Despite its simplicity, the classic three-frame design has long been the standard for showcasing photographic memories. For a highlighted image from your collection, use the left-hand vertical picture space. This image will attract the viewer into the story you’re trying to tell with your images. The two stacked horizontal spaces to the right of the college print allow you to give the story greater depth and complexity.


Tile with a layered appearance

Do you have a favorite shot from a recent event or photo session that you’d like to share with the world? This three-stack photo collage is perfect if you have a favorite shot but also want to show off others.


For family photo albums, this college is ideal. The three-stack collage lets you show off your best shot while also sharing some of the other amusing and adorable shots from the shoot, whether it’s an annual family photoshoot, a photoshoot to honor a birth or a special event, or a Christmas family picture session.


It’s not just about framing the main image; the additional three-stack helps tell a story with the photos that wouldn’t be as clear with just one. As a consequence, this style is perfect for marking special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, feasts, and holidays. The three-stack is a wonderful option for capturing the essence of love, family, and friends in a few breathtaking images.

Four-collage shirts are the norm.

There are fantastic visual storytellers in the collage prints, and the fundamental four-panel arrangement is a terrific canvas for visual storytelling as well. With a massive vertical image on the left, the focus is drawn to a secondary primary photo flanked by two side-by-side photo slots, which serve as eye catchers.


This is a great look for social occasions and gatherings of friends and family. You may include several group photographs from various stages of an event since the college uses three different photo sizes and orientation compositions. This design is perfect for pictures from special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and family reunions.


The conventional four may also be used to display recollections of family and friends. You may use it for graduations as well as when your children start college. With four photographs, you may create wall art or a desk display that preserves special memories from a close connection. Emphasizing family picture memories and images of a beloved pet has the same purpose.


A three-square mosaic

The picture on the left is a vertical feature shot, while the two image spots next to it are square and equal in size on the right. As a consequence of the odd arrangement, there is less visual hierarchy than in the other layouts.


As a consequence, using the three square pattern as a creative outlet is a lot of fun. We like to use it to create themed collages, which may signify a wide range of things depending on the images used (here is where your imagination comes into play). Find three iconic images that truly capture a feeling you want to express in your collage. Your themes might be anything from family to friendship to an important event in your life.


Take three pictures of yourself with diverse family and/or friend members to demonstrate this. As long as the pictures are not from the same era or incident, you may use whichever images you choose. Include photos of past holiday parties, key life events, and other memorable occasions. Make something unique for yourself by letting your creativity run wild.


The memory grid’s school of higher learning

This grid-style collage will take you down memory lane if you so want. Making a stunning photo collage of the previous year for the New Year’s Eve is a doddle with the album’s 36 image locations. It’s also a terrific way to show off all of the memorable events that have occurred because of friendships or because of a certain era or experience.


This design gives you a lot of leeway. It’s a well-liked option among graduating high school seniors who want to save some of their most treasured memories before moving on to college. Photographs of children growing up may be included by their parents. The grid is a great alternative to the usual holiday photo book that ends up beneath the coffee table and gathers dust. Why not make wall art out of these photographs so that you may enjoy them every day?



Upload as many photos as you want, on a single canvas you can display up to 1000 photos.


This is an amazing option if you have a lot of photos and want it all in one canvas print in such a beautiful way.


Let your wall tell a story through Canvas Wall Display

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