8 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

Home decoration can be pretty heavy on your pocket. Besides the furniture, there are millions of minute details that if taken care of, can turn your house into a cozy little nest that you can call “home.”

The delight of carving something aesthetic with your own hands is sweet, and the fact that you get to admire it every day is the cherry on top.

From simple paintings to super complicated abstract arts, here are some DIY wall art ideas that you can create with minimal investments.

Let’s take a dive into what we have:

Leather Vintage Board  

This piece is simple yet intricate, with a solid look. It’s a bit tough to replicate but of course, proves to be an awesome inspiration. Use a Displays canvas as a background. You can play with colors using other pieces of leather lying around such as belt buckles, handbags, and wallets.

Fluid Abstract Paintings

Here’s a perfect depiction of how you can create your own abstract art using acrylics on paper and hang it on your wall. Photo Printing can also do the job. Amazing to find DIY projects that are a piece of cake and yet produce terrific results!

DIY Mason Jar Decor

Isn’t this the cutest concept! Fairy lights can always add to the glory of your room and the idea of putting them in mason jars is just lovely. You can get creative by using plants, flowers, or Photo Printing on the outsides.

Ombré Wall

It’s okay if you don’t want to make a painting or wall décor from scratch, you might find painting accents directly on your wall easier. Make measurements, improvise angle directions, choose your colors, and give it a go! You may use photo prints if you want to.

Seashell Wall Art

Time to use the seashells that you gathered from all those vacations. You just need a handful of pretty shells, put them on a painted canvas, or use Photo Canvases, color them and add fake pearls.

DIY CDs Wall Art

Yeah, you got that right. You can make a gorgeous wall décor out of something so mundane as CDs. You can stick them on Displays canvas. All you need for the magic is acrylic paint. Cover them with the paint, draw your desired design, scrape it off with a pen tip, and voila!

Vintage Suitcase Shelves

Aren’t these suitcase shelves the most adorable thing on the planet? Perfect for your living room, this idea might only take time in the collection of all those suitcases, but definitely a non-costly investment. You can decorate the suitcases with photo prints.

Doily Dream Catcher

A combination of doilies and laces to make a dream catcher is worth a try. The process is simple but the result is a super cute wall hanging. Mix up the doilies and laces and use colorful feathers and you’ll be good to go. Photo Canvases can be hanged along with these.

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