A Quick Guide To Taking Better Mobile Photos

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We’ve gathered eight tips to help you become better at taking photos with your phone’s camera.


1) Get to know your gadget.


First, get familiar with your phone’s camera options so you can take the best possible pictures. Find the easiest way to get to it so you don’t have to waste time looking for your camera app when you need it! You can usually build a shortcut on your phone to do this operation right away. To ensure the highest possible resolution, if you want to print any of your photos, make sure the picture quality is set to the highest available setting.


2) Lighting


Take into consideration the brightness of your lighting. Positivity about yourself or your topic could be attainable. Aim the light source back and toward the subject while shooting a photograph. Also, keep in mind that bright overhead lights might be jarring, so seek some cover or allow for a cloud to pass to avoid this.


3) Rule of Thirds


For a quick and easy way to get a great composition, use the Rule of Thirds. Because of this, your image will be divided into nine sections, with each two horizontal and two vertical lines. As a result, important pieces might be located at crucial junctions or positions along the lines. This criterion is not met by the image on the left, as seen above. When you align a rock tower with the lower horizontal guideline and the horizon with the left vertical guideline, this shot gains substantially more aesthetic appeal.


4) Avoid using the Zoom feature


The zoom feature reduces the image’s resolution, resulting in a fuzzier image. This may be avoided by doing additional research into your topic area. In the event that this isn’t an option, take the best photograph you can without zooming in and then crop the photo afterwards.


5) The vantage point


To give your photos a unique feel, try shooting from different angles. When shooting youngsters, get down on their level instead than standing on top of them. To capture the right shot, you may have to go down on your hands and knees and get a bit dirty.


6) Macro Photography


There will be times when even the most little things will seem stunning. On a big number of cameras, you will find a macro setting. Get up and personal with insects, flowers, even water droplets with this magnifying glass! More wonderful macro photography techniques and tactics may be found in this excellent piece.


7) Editing


The great thing about taking pictures with your phone is that you have access to a plethora of editing and enhancing software! Never be afraid to have a good time while taking pictures. Programs and filters may be used to improve images by erasing flaws and enhancing certain aspects. If you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, this post has some great app suggestions.


8) Sharing & Downloading


What are your plans with all of these wonderful photographs now that you’ve gathered them all? If you want to share them on social media or email them to Grandma, make sure you save the original files. If your granny wants to use that photo of you with your cat, don’t hold your breath! It is necessary to compress photos so that they load fast when posted on social media. This is great for surfing the web, but printing will be a pain. To ensure the best possible quality, printing directly from the original image is almost always the better option.


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