Are Canvas Prints Water-Proof?

Our customers often ask if their canvas prints are water-resistant. We are able to tell them that, indeed, our prints are waterproof. Here’s why:

First, you need to know why you want waterproof canvas prints. Waterproof means it cannot be penetrated by water. Canvases are sturdy and can withstand water with a sealant applied to them, but wooden frame will be damaged if put under water or in high humidity environment without an airtight seal. If you just want your product displayed in the bathroom or kitchen, Canvasjet offers waterproof canvas prints that are resistant to high humidity.



Not All Professional Canvas Prints Are Created Equal

Every company can produce quality canvases, but not all will last as long. Canvasjet prints with original HP inks, which makes the canvas last for over 200 years. Other companies use chemical inks and solvent-based printers that produce low-quality products that will fade in under 10 years. Liquid laminates initially look nice, but they turn yellow and crack over time.

With a custom frame and other high-quality materials, you can be sure that your canvas prints will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a long-lasting product, look out for the quality of their wooden frame. Canvasjet uses different thicknesses for their frames to ensure durability in humid conditions.



Learn How To Clean Your Canvas

You should choose canvas artist prints because they are water resistant and you can clean them without worry. Life happens and sometimes your art or print needs a good cleaning so it’s important to have one that is resistant to any moisture.



Waterproof or Life-proof

Should your prints be waterproof or durable? If you’re looking for a product that can stand up to anything life throws at it, try Canvajet Canvas Prints. Tens of thousands of recent reviews praise the quality, so it’s worth checking out for yourself and making sure it’s suitable for what you need!

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