Art in the eyes of world’s renowned artists

What is art? Is it confined to a specific definition or does it vary?

The beauty of art lies in the fact that it has no boundaries and constraints to be described.

So, the question here is what has been the oldest way to translate art?

Well, one of the conventional ways of expressing art has been on canvases. However, with time painting on canvas has been replaced by canvas printing or also known as photo canvases or photo printing but there is no denying that the canvas prints specifically the collage canvas prints are one of the most beautiful ways of expressing art.

But what is art in the eyes of the world’s greatest artists?

It is on canvas or in the literature or the music?

Canvas printing is loved and cherished across the globe. Dubai along with Abu Dhabi is famous for photo printing particularly printing quality canvas prints.

Let us see what our artists have to say about the word ‘art’ and what this word means to them.

Ramona Griffin

“My favorite art is something that is truly loved by the homeowner, whether it be vacation photographs or eclectic local art found in a specialty store. Displaying art where it is seen often by the owner means they can enjoy it more frequently. I love collages of small pieces grouped together or one large item in a place of honor like over the fireplace or sofa.”

Kathleen Walsh

“Fill a wall with multiple pieces of art of the same subject or type when you want to create an impact and reveal a story, but first want your eye to focus on something else in the room.”

 Drew McGukin

“For me, art in the home is about sharing a small glimpse into your “soul.” The art is really what tells your story as a complement to a beautifully designed space. I have three P’s concerning art selection: Personal Purposeful Profound. In essence, your art needs to feel (keyword) intentional. Art is a fantastic way to share something about yourself non-verbally. “


“You can use art to draw attention to a particular element in the room that you would like to highlight as the focus, such as a lovely marble mantle-piece or a wooden paneled contemporary wall.”


“If you are hanging a number of pieces it’s worth employing a specialist picture hanger. Yes, they do exist! And never, ever buy art just because it matches your color scheme.”

 Robin Baron

“Art is all about placement. The center of a piece should be at an average person’s eye level… and it doesn’t have to be hung like it’s a museum! Be adventurous and layer your art. Place decorative objects on a console in front of the art and create depth and perspective. Here’s a little secret… it brings more attention to the art itself.”

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