Photos are one of the favourite materials we prefer to utilize as canvas photo prints to decorate our walls.  However, using digital files like paper files can also present some problems.  Digital files can be corrupted or erased.  Then sometimes, the photos that really mean a lot to you and that you would really like to see hanged on your wall is no longer usable or perfect.  Adding to that problem is that it seems to have a no technical solution.  Don’t despair because there are other imaginative ways to solve some of the ordinary problems encountered for photos that you want to use for your wall art.

Canvas Print, Photo Canvas, Collage Canvas, Customized, Decoration, Wall Art 

You know you have taken a photo of a special event or an exceptional evening. But to your dismay, you now discovered that you have set your camera at low resolution and the result leaves much to be desired. You can’t set it to the size needed for canvas photo prints as it becomes distorted. It will not be that easy to add pixels and generally people will just regretfully discard that picture, be contented with a smaller print, or just pick another photo.


Canvas Print, Photo Canvas, Collage Canvas, Customized, Decoration, Wall Art


How to solve this problem:  You just have to accept the lo-res part of the problem.  What you can do is enlarge it even more for a more blurry effect to convert it into an impressionistic design using oil painting or cartoon filters using an image manipulation program.  The picture will end up like the blurriness was on purpose, it will be an artistic rendition of the picture and most importantly, a still have a souvenir of a wonderful evening.


Dealing with Photobombs on Canvas Photo Prints

Being the perfectionist that you are, you wanted everything perfect for this shoot, ideal settings, perfect lighting, accurate focus and you expect the results to be perfect as well. But as you click away, here comes the photo bomb darting smack across your perfect frame and everything is ruined. Even professional photographers find it hard to erase unwanted background without a trace, even more so for amateurs.


Canvas Print, Photo Canvas, Collage Canvas, Customized, Decoration, Wall Art


How to solve this problem:  Completely cut out the unwanted background then paste the photo onto an odd pattern and convert it into a modern Pop Art. Do not waste your effort trying to use a standard image to duplicate the cut out background.  Lay it out for an abstract effect so focus will just be on the subject and no longer the background.




We have experienced at one time or another keeping photos for a long, long time, just to discover when you are about to use them for wall art pieces that they have been spoiled by humidity or water and little can be made out of the images there.  You can scan them to save the remaining images but will you still be able to use them for wall art pieces if you can hardly decipher the images?

How to solve this problem:  Yet again, be more positive as all is not lost.  You can apply a sepia filter and a little more deliberate damage and come up with an honest to goodness vintage discoloration that comes naturally with really old pictures.  You can digitally edit it to add rips and missing pieces to make it appear more real.  Doing this will divert the interest to the blurry subject as the focal point.




So don’t lose hope as a seemingly unfortunate events can still become an opportunity for producing yet amazing finished product.  Damaged photos whether paper print or digital can still become beautiful wall art.  So when you have revived your selected photos, it is time to click Here so we can help you complete the finest quality canvas you can ever hope to have.