Exciting Ways To Express Yourself Through Collage

If a person has eclectic taste and interest, choosing between all that things that will satisfy every aspect of life such as the visual and physical can be nerve-wracking.  This is where collage can be helpful because it provides flexibility and can represent ones varied interests without losing individuality.  Consider some of the following ideas how collage can be used to decorate a space that you can claim as really yours.


Highlight your passions

It could be a real challenge to assert ones individuality through their interests and preferences and let people know that “This is me.”  Sometimes it even surprises us to know that there are other people out there who share our interests and find pursuits we don’t really care to discuss as absorbing as well.

Exciting Ways To Express Yourself Through Collage

Through collage, you can produce an art form that artistically sums up the fine points of your hobby and get people who are unaware of your passion to wonder about this amazing work and those that understand your interests to readily recognize that you are treading the same enjoyable path.


Embrace your Vocation

Generally, our vocation and lifestyle reflect our intrinsic passions.   Some people work on their jobs, or have vocations which consume much of their energy and attention.  Regardless if your career deal with science, numbers furniture making, or creative writing, one fact remains and that is, whatever you decide to spend your time and energy on eventually becomes an important part of your being.  The collage can pay tribute to that passion and become a mute witness and a much appreciated fixture in your daily setting.


Exciting Ways To Express Yourself Through Collage


A collage can represent the good part of your life as you gather and arrange them in a fascinating layout. Follow the techniques below and have a stylistic piece of art that will not fail to get noticed and admired:

  • Make it more focused:  The more detailed the collage is and with the slightest background, the more it will have an enigmatic effect, thus making it more appealing.
  • Give it a personal touch:  Using pictures of your personal tools rather than run of the mill photos will definitely give it a “more you” feel.  It will easily draw out an impression without too much explanation that it is indeed a personalized product rather than just a collection of non specific images.
  • Prefer to make a collage layout that will bring people through your life’s accomplishment starting from the birth of the idea to its fruition.  Make the collage a detailed narrative of what gets you through the day.
Exciting Ways To Express Yourself Through Collage

Lastly, it would be a great idea to exchange collage products with your best friends or partner; doing a collage for them as you understand their passion or their vocations.  This could be an exhilarating and extremely entertaining experiment which will test if you really know them or conversely, that all of your impressions of them could be generally wrong and that you did not know them at all.

Exciting Ways To Express Yourself Through Collage


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