What is really new is how presently we can turn around those school pictures into something totally modern and exciting.  Gone are the large wooden, metal or plastic frames for the big pictures as the only way to display pictures on your walls.  Yes, we can also do that as well and stick the smaller sized pictures into your wallet and medium-sized photos mailed to your family.  But now, with the coming of more inexpensive ways to print photos on canvas, people have found a better way of displaying and keeping school photos.



Lesser Order for Prints


Perhaps, the most evident change is that lesser prints are being ordered from the photographers directly. To make up for this, photographers contracted for the School Picture Day are more likely to bundle in digital files with their package, thus giving parents more options aside from the standard prints for school pictures. Certainly, you can still order hard copies of high resolution for other purposes such as keeping them in albums or scanning them for keeping as high res files which can be used as screensavers, photos on canvas, or profile picture on web pages.

Photos on Canvas Present a Cooler, Less Formal Effect 


As more high tech ways become available to families, even photos for portraits are now being produced along this path.  It is not rare to see portraits turned into excellent and significant wall art.  Thus, Picture Day have become less and less of a very formal portrait-taking event as this can already be achieved at home.  It is now acceptable for kids to be less stiff and have fun with their school portrait poses.  Clothes can be more casual and kids can do playful poses for more fun.  Because parents can now do the more formal portraits at home at a setting and ambiance they prefer, schools are now less pressured to undertake school portraits for the purpose of having it as part of official family records.


The Future of Picture Day

It will be hard to say which way the conventional school portrait will go; whether it will still be a compulsory school activity or if it will die a natural death.  As cheaper and simpler ways of doing portraits become available to families, it is more likely that parents and even the kids opt for home-taken portraits.   All the necessary materials and supplies are readily available, techniques and printing can be learned and can be done online.  In the meantime school photos are still surviving in the name of tradition and the schools are also trying to turn Picture Day into an exciting school event for the students.


canvas grad


One thing is sure though, the acceptance of supplementing the official school portraits with those that are taken at home will increasingly become popular.  It is evident that there are a lot of pluses in taking your kids’ portraits at home – the subject will be more relaxed which is very important for good results, you can do a number of retakes until you feel you got what you want, it is less expensive, and you can make lovely and remarkable prints for your walls.

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