Minimalism in home decorating is now the art of living with less, a bedroom only filled with one bed without a headboard or a living room with only a set of sofa sitting in the middle of it. Minimalist sticks to a color palette of white or black, or neutral colors. Sometimes considered dull and boring and lazy alternative to decorate. But minimalist is easier said than done, it requires a lot of restraint in order to bring a pleasing outcome. We tend to overdo a lot of stuff when it comes to decorating our homes, there’s literally thousands of choices to pick just by simply strolling around HomeCentere or at the mall. Minimalist means taking off layers and layers off.

by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership

But minimalist doesn’t always have to be dull and boring.Putting in a little color wouldn't hurt but bringing in tons of different colors in your room would make it look messy and would seem that there’s a lot of stuff going on. There's a fne line between a well executed minimalist interior and just a plain boring DIY. Putting a colorful artpiece can be an excuse to put a little color to a monotone room. Something your guest can turn their attention to and could be a good conversatio starter. Something that would pop on that bare white wall. A pristine replica of a Rembrandt or if you're a photography enthusias, canvas print of your works. A visual treat that would radiate significantly thrpughout the whole room.

by Stuart Silk Architects