Similarly, chosen ways of room decoration also varies. Some rooms can become a wonder with a large, imposing canvas print that can easily elicit attention.  But that might not work for other rooms.   Other times, decorating the walls with a number of unrelated prints carelessly laid out in different places will not do the work.  You then will be debating with yourself whether to get a large and intimidating print or several prints that are smaller and thus more subtle.  Oftentimes, mixing the two using a split design can do wonders for your decorating objectives.

Split is actually very simple to do:  Rather than having one very large piece of canvas print, you can divide or split the pictures or the concept into a number of smaller pieces.  We have mentioned here concept – the split can be done in several ways.  One way is that a very big image can be divided into similar tinier pieces akin to a puzzle and this is really a very striking and impactful.  The other way can be more subtle and artistic where you can split the image, combining the finest parts of the small and the large canvasses.  The result can really be amazing: it will be very impressive, variable layouts are possible, remarkable dimension and very personalized presentation.

Suggestions for doing the Split

Split arrangements can be used effectively in a room in several ways:

  • The most dependable way is by having a huge image such as a picture from a vacation, a photo of the family’s grand reunion involving a big family of fifty, a very large picture of your wedding or your baby and dividing them in tinier pieces they re-layout them in a  fixed pattern.  This way has always worked very well, it will appear very impressive and of course assembling an image of happy times never fail to impress and has a way of making you feel happy as well.


  • Another way is by laying out the pieces in different angles and framing them with other images of similar subjects.  Instead of a landscape, you can use the same image but taken from different sides, different times of day, different light intensity, weather conditions, and the like,
  • You can also combine apparently unrelated images, akin to a puzzle, divide a concept by using small canvas print for each part, just like a puzzle.  A smart example would be spelling out your child’s name with the use of images indicating its first letter such as a Bee for “B”, an Apple for “A” and so forth.
  • You can also install a huge canvas print in the middle of the wall and then have apparently dissimilar images in smaller prints radiate from it each signifying a commentary or a recall of the huge image at the centre.


The Split is undeniably a very impressive way to design and decorate your walls with.  It will definitely need some creative juices and the patience to execute the idea flawlessly and systematically.  When done it can readily change an ordinary room to professional levels.  You have to effectively combine scale, the pattern and the division of the images.  If you believe you have stumbled upon a great idea to decorate your room click this and we will be more than happy to do whatever prints you need to make that come true.