For most individuals, time is of essence and they apply this to all aspects of their life, including home decorating.  So, just as a redecorating idea is conceived in their heads, they are already on their way out to the store to choose the paint, the art for the walls, and furniture.  Then they do their buying non-stop, trying their best to get what they need within the day or until their energy or funds run out.  They believe that they cannot let a blank wall stand for even just a day lest they destroy their image.


Canvas Designs


Wouldn’t decorating or redecorating be more agreeable and productive if it is done with more planning and you let your concept progress like this?    Decide on a theme, a method, or a subject.  Will it be your accomplishments, your family, or places you have visited?  Second, choose the most remarkable images that you would like to put into canvas photo prints.  Leave room for progression because, surely as you advance in life there will be new images that you would like to include, new achievements, new places visited, and new accomplishments.  It could be a work in progress that could take a long time to complete, but the finished product would be more satisfying and enjoyable.


Great Concepts to Use the Slow Approach

The Slow Approach allows you to present a story and take account of the past for posterity.  You can consider the following ideas for this approach:


Your Child’s Achievement Wall:  Build up your child’s confidence and sense of pride by recording all of his or her life achievements that will stand as permanent record on their walls and at the same time can also be an amazing and unique art.




Your Holiday Map in the Recreation Room:  Record your trips every time you go on a vacation.  A picture of the plane as it gets ready to land, the beach, the amazing sunset, an exotic meal you summed up the courage to try, a picture of view that never fails to take your breath away, anything that matters to you.  You can arrange the pictures on the wall, on the image of a world map placing the pictures on the right location of the map.




Food Shots of Dinner Parties You Have Hosted

If you are someone who love to host parties and enjoy having family and friends for dinner, you can take food shots of the glamorous food and dinner settings you have prepared each time and arrange it artistically, then hang it in your kitchen or dining room. 

Canvas Photo Prints As Colored Theme Art

Choosing to do the Slow Approach for your art pieces can only end with a product that will be obviously exclusive and personal.  You just have to stop yourself from wanting to rush it to completion when there’s not much material to fill it with. It will take time to assemble an impressive project such as this and it will do you well to let it progress naturally, accumulate more materials and happy thoughts and when you feel you have enough, go on ahead and compose it.


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