Nowadays, it’s a usual sight at fancy cafes or restaurants a table armed with smart phones, heavy-ass DSLR’s or those hipster polaroids and instax’ hovering above or scouring the table to have that “double-tap” and drool worthy photo. Some find it annoying but, for most of us it’s been a ritual. Taking one or two minutes of snapping that perfect picture, applying filters (but not too much) thinking of a good caption to come with and typing all those dreadful hashtags that we still do even though we (or just me) find it stressful. And by the time we posted our photo our companions are all ready to stab you with a fork because of hunger.

For those people (like me) who faithfully makes it a ritual to gram their food before they eat, here’s five tips from us to have that “double-tap” worthy instapic. Hashtag LoveIt.


1. Not too close, please!

Sometimes we think that closer is much better, trying to achieve that macro look but ends up getting out of focus and blurry. Take a photo at just the right distance when using your phone. Go close just enough to show some details of the food.

not too close


2. Natural light is your bestfriend.

Take advantage of that lighting. Sit beside a window for a better advantage of that natural lighting. And using flash is a big NO! In all instances, avoid using your flash or you’ll end up reflecting all the light from the oil in your food. Not too scrumptious.

natural light

3. Topshots are the best shot.

Taking a bird’s eye view or a topshot of your food shows minimalist techniques. A much detailed photo and yet, cleaner visual to look at. Snapping a photo from the top would include all the food in your table plus the tablewares. Works well for flat plates or big bowls that just looks terrible when you shoot it in eye level.




4. Golden rule is the Golden ratio.

Looking at your camera on instagram you’ll see three lines vertically and horizontally. Andthere would be four centers where all the lines would intersect, Place your subject in the middle of one of those intersections and create a visually pleasing effect.

golden ratio

5. Make it quick!

The best time to snap a photo is within 10 minutes it was being served. Get a quick snap remembering the techniques given above. And ofcourse we don’t want to keep the rest of the people in your table waiting. Specially if you’re on a date.