galaxy 4

Kids and kids at heart would surely enjoy this astronomical treat for the eyes. Have a piece of the universe inside your home with this piece of ingenuity. Bringing the excitement of science to kids or simply just a romantic surprise to your loved one, now that’s bringing a new meaning to “I will give you the stars” cheesy line we use to hear.

Galaxy 1

Make bedtime easier for your kids and use this a substitute for boring lamps or night lights. You can also enhance the thrill of storytelling with the use of this astronomical lamp that rotates and give you the feeling of being up in the cosmos. Perhaps a story of Peter Pan flying across the galaxy or a pirate ship looking for treasure planet, this would be the perfect ambiance and setting for those kind of stories. Bring out the creativity in your kids. Also perfect for your kids sleepover, make them the talk of the town with an amazing sleepover experience he had with his friends. Camping under the stars, anyone?

galaxy 3

Elevate that dinner by candlelight by using this projector for that most romantic feeling of dining with the stars illuminated in your walls. An exciting feeling that would surely make your loved one really special. Stars really give out that romantic, awe inspiring vibe. There are lots of DIY galaxy projector all over the internet. Just pick one that seem to be the most relatable to you and try your craftiness on that project. Remember, the stars will guide you!