Perks of Online Shopping

Printing your own canvas prints at malls or any outlet can sometimes be such a hassle. You’d have to go through a lot just to get your prints processed. While ordering it online is easier and more comfy than having it done at the mall.

Here’s some other reasons why you need to have our prints done through an online store rather than going to the mall.

1. Crowd

Shopping at malls in Dubai can be such a drag nowadays, it’s like there’s always a black friday sale going on with the sea of tourists and other shoppers. On average the Dubai Mall gets 200,000 visitors a day. Just imagine being one of two hundred thousand mall goers who needs to park their car, wait in line to checkout or walk around the mall to find the store you’re looking for. Wherein if you shop online you could avoid all that hassle.

2. Design

Sometimes when you have your prints done at mal they wouldn’t edit your photos to make it look good on canvas they will just print it as it is. And most of the time when you ask them to edit your photos or to make a collage, mosaic or apply a certain effect to it you’ll get charged extra and we end up going back home and doing it ourselves. Wherein when you visit you can customize your own design and we’ll edit your photo for you to make it look perfect on canvas – FREE OF CHARGE. (Yeap, we’ll do that). We’ll even email it to you before we print it so you know what your prints would look like.

3. Quality

We don’t skip on quality and we want our customers to come and print with us again. We only use the highest quality materials on our products making sure that it would last.

4. Price

We are the most affordable Canvas printing store online or even at any other stores in the UAE. You can compare it yourself and see how much the difference is. We will give you more in terms of quality than what you paid for.

5. Hassle Free, baggage free, parking free and lots more…

Imagine yourself walking out at of a printing store at malls and carrying a 60x60 canvas print or a couple of 20x20s while dodging the crowd and carefully making your way to the warm and steamy parking lot, scouring your pockets or purse for change to pay for the parking. We wouldn’t want you to go through all that hassle. Order at the comfort of your own home.

6. Quick and Easy

At Malls after you give them your print they’ll ask you to wait a few days that could sometimes lead to weeks before you can get your print. When you shop online you only need to follow three easy steps in making your canvas prints at our website. UPLOAD – ADD EFFECTS – LEAVE THE REST TO US.

7. LOVE Guarantee

What if your print got damaged while it’s being shipped or while you’re taking it home? What if you don’t like the effects applied to your photo? What if you don’t like the print at all? Would other stores replace it? I don’t think so. At CanvasJet we lie by our LOVE GUARANTEE policy, where if for any reason you don’t like your canvas or it got damaged we will replace, reprint or refund you. We promise! We value customer satisfaction and deliver great service along with a great product.

Looking for more reasons on why print with us? Click the link to learn more (Link to why us page)