“Our wedding photos are in that box somewhere up the attic” or “Which folder did you put it again?” As dreadful as it sounds we all know that this is the truth.

Sometimes looking for old photos to show to your friends or guests ends up with a great treasure hunt inside your house or your computer’s hard drive. Why not showcase these personal treasures and create great art at the same time?

We all love taking pictures of every good moments we have, travels, graduations, birthdays or even a simple dinner with our family we would tend to capture as much photos as we can just to re-live the moment every time we look at it. Every picture tells a story. Pictures are a visual language that we use to communicate with others even without words

Wedding Details Collage

A collage can show people your story in one just one photo (or perhaps if you’re being too indecisive which is your favorite photo you have an excuse to pick a lot). It’s a visual storytelling that an album full of individual photos can comprehend, a visual story that shows precise details of a life event like weddings, your son’s first soccer game or your first date, the possibilities are endless. Get Createive! As there are tons of options to make the perfect collage print for your home or even as a gift.

Couple Date Collage

Family Collage

Using CanvasJet Collage print builder encourages creativity and bring out the inner artist in you, placing photos to look good and really tell a story seems easier said than done since it allows you to upload and place 20 or more photos in one collage. Whatever design you want to pick, our collage builder will surely make the process easy and accesible for you, that even your kids can make it. 

Turn you walls into a photo gallery that when a guest comes over, you’ll surely have something good to talk about in your home. Want to start creating your photo collage print now? Click Here to get yours!