Canvas Art Prints – Bringing Each Corner Of Your Home To Life

Canvas Art Prints – Bringing Each Corner Of Your Home To Life Canvas Printing |

Today, as promised, we’ll share some ideas on what you can print on our canvas art prints based on the different areas in your home. We’ll be covering 4 different areas. Let’s get started.


For most, the living room is where you gather with your family and spend time together.  It’s also usually where you host your guests making it the perfect place to display family’s favourite moments.

You can showcase a shot from your family photoshoot or even those stunning vacation photos. Be sure to pick the best photo as you would want this canvas print to be the star piece in your living room. If you really want to showcase the print, do pick a canvas art print that’s big enough. Typically a 50x70cm or the 60x90cm should do the trick.

Now, if you can’t decide on one single shot to blow up to a big canvas art print, get a few of the smaller sizes! You can even spice it up with other wall decor pieces such as decals!



Couples often want to display the best shots from their wedding. Some of you may even have canvas art prints from your wedding displays. However, after having kids, you’ll probably display a family photo in the living room instead. 

Well, we’ve got a suggestion. Why not hang them up in your bedroom? Your beautiful photos will embody the intimate relationship you have with your partner. If you can’t decide which shot to print, consider our Panel Canvas Prints. It comes in a set of 3, giving you more leeway in your choices! 



Canvas art prints may seem like an unexpected choice for the kitchen but this may not be the case. Place it somewhere away from your stove or sink if you’re worried about staining or dirtying them. With 1 or 2 canvas art prints, you can completely transform the dull atmosphere in your kitchen and make preparing meals more enjoyable. 


You can consider photos of appetising food or even a graphic signage that will greet you upon entering. Most people would not want such a big canvas in their kitchen typically a 30x40cm or smaller. However, if you’ve got a large empty wall, you can consider a 40x60cm canvas art print.


Home offices are getting increasingly more popular. Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean that it has to be dull and boring. Spice it up with beautiful canvas art prints. You can hang up anything you want here. From a landscape of nature to photos of your pets or even inspiring quotes that’ll motivate you. You can even create a collage with a few different sized canvas art prints. 


However, if you already have art pieces or frames hanging in your home office, consider displaying a smaller size canvas art print on your table top! You can display them on a mini easel.

And that wraps up this post. We hope that the ideas we shared has helped you visualise what you want to display in the various areas in your home. If you’re looking for canvas printing, you’re in luck. Canvasjet offers quality and affordable canvas prints, and you will be sure not to be disappointed.

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