Canvas Prints may let you see the past

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Almost everyone has a collection of family pictures that are simply gathering dust in their home. They’ve been handed down, and it’s possible that some of them have been ripped or damaged. You have two choices: either hide them in a dark corner or transform them into treasured family treasures. To assist you out, we’ve put up this step-by-by-step tutorial.

  1. The importance of scanning cannot be overstate


To begin, scan your printed picture and save it as a digital file. Scanning and saving the picture as a.jpg file are both required steps. Don’t forget to include all of the photo’s components when you scan it! (even if they are torn). This will be beneficial to us as we work to restore the area. Do not attempt to put the puzzle back together until all the pieces have been removed. That is something we will take care of for you! To get the best results, use the maximum resolution possible on your scanner if you have one. Contact us if you do not have access to a scanner and we will show you how to send the picture to us in another way2.

  1. Magic of Restoration

We can go to work as soon as you send us your scanned file. The utilization of technology and creative vision go hand in hand when it comes to image restoration. Because of the lost bottom left corner of the shot, this image had to be completely remade. The remainder of the picture had a lot of blemishes, stains, and rips removed. A black-and-white version of the photograph was required by the customer as well. This picture has been restored to its former glory, as you can see.

  1. Print of past

Once the picture has been recovered, the possibilities are almost limitless. Our customer wanted to send the retouched family picture, as well as individual images of his ancestors, to his loved ones back home. Canvas prints up to 8′′ x 10′′ and group prints up to 11′′ x 14′′ were created for the family.

The process of recovering photographs should be simple and gratifying for you, as you can see. If you’re planning a restoration project, please get in touch with us so that one of our talented designers can assist you. On our website, we also provide an easy Create A Canvas editing tool that guides you through the print purchasing process. 


Upload as many photos as you want, on a single canvas you can display up to 1000 photos.


This is an amazing option if you have a lot of photos and want it all in one canvas print in such a beautiful way.


Let your wall tell a story through Canvas Wall Display

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