Abbott Handerson Thayer Canvas Wall Art

Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921) was an American artist, illustrator and naturalist. He is most famous for his watercolor paintings of animals, especially cats and birds. His subjects were usually depicted in a realistic manner, but with elements of the fantastic incorporated into the composition

Abbott Handerson Thayer Wall Art -

Abbott Thayer was a painter who is best known for his work in classical mythology and legend, as well as for his depictions of filmy, dreamlike nudes. Born in 1849 to a family of artists, Thayer showed early talent and was encouraged to pursue his artistic career at first by Thomas Eakins while studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. After returning from Paris in 1882 he became an instructor, later headmaster, and then president of the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.

Thayer was an artist who believed that all animals were created as a reflection of man, and each animal was symbolic of some human emotion or passage in his life. He noted that the lion is a symbol of courage, which is defined by willingness to face danger.