Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Canvas Wall Art

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner is an influential twentieth-century German artist recognized for his paintings, prints, and drawings. His style is often described as a synthesis of Expressionism and Cubism with metaphysical overtones.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Wall Art -

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was an important artist in the 20th century. He eventually became a close friend and confidant to Diego Rivera, which is unusual for an artist of his time. Kirchner was born in 1887 in Austria and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts before moving to Berlin. There he formed friendships with Pablo Picasso, Ernst Ludwig Gombrich, Emil Nolde, and Wassily Kandinsky. In 1911, he married fellow artist Asya Meitner but they divorced not long after due to her affair with Albert Einstein. Kirchner died in 1938 at the age of 56 during the Spanish Civil War when German soldiers shot him in the head while he was painting a mural near Valencia, Spain.