George Wesley Bellows Canvas Wall Art

George Wesley Bellows was born and raised in America. He was a realist painter and liked to depict the urban lifestyle. However, he is best known for being an “acclaimed American artist” during his time.

George Wesley Bellows Wall Art -

His work has transitioned from landscapes to portraits and seascapes. Bellows’ popularity has increased, therefore we can now see a change in his life, inviting family friends onto the ocean.

Bellows associated himself with artists and activists of the Lyrical Left, who tended towards anarchism in their extreme advocacy for individual rights. He was also a supporter of U.S. intervention in World War I, as illustrated by his lithographs and paintings depicting atrocities committed during the German invasion of Belgium and domestic persecution under the Espionage Act.

Bellows has his critics; he was criticized for some of the liberties he took in capturing scenes of war. People argued that because he had not witnessed the events he painted firsthand, he had no right to paint them. He responded that Leonardo da Vinci “had a ticket to paint the Last Supper”