Henri Rousseau Canvas Wall Art

Henri Rousseau was born on September 21, 1844. He is best known for his paintings of jungle scenes that were inspired by his fascination and studies of the plants in Parisian botanical gardens.
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Henri Rousseau had a very unusual style of art. The paintings he created were very different from the other artists of his time. He was a self-taught painter who made fantasy paintings that often included animals. These animals often looked like they would be found in nature, even though many of them don’t really exist. Although his work was criticized heavily when it first came out, people now consider Henri Rousseau to be one of the most influential painters in the 20th century.

Henri Rousseau’s paintings were unplanned, and he often used a technique called pointillism to create them. This style produces a painting with many dots, either from paint or sand. He was convinced that using this technique would make his paintings appear more vibrant.