Maurice Denis Canvas Wall Art

Maurice Denis is a well-known French painter, who was influential in the change from Impressionism to Cubism. Denis was heavily influenced by Paul Gaugin’s Symbolist style of painting. In some of his theories, he created the foundations for modern art styles such as Fauvism and Abstract Art.

Maurice Denis Wall Art -
  • From: AED396

With the appearance of the Art Nouveau style, Denis began to pay more attention to decorative arts such as wallpapers, stained glass, tapestries, screen and fans. However, while he worked in the time period he still maintained a distinct style.

Denis was also busy with his graphic design work. He then returned to concentrating on woodblock prints, doing colour lithographs and illustrations for books. In 1911 he began the illustrations for Fiorette by Saint Francis of Assisi. Afterwards, during the First World War, he made more somber designs and paintings.