Paul Klee Canvas Wall Art

Paul Klee was a highly respected and well-known Swiss painter. He was also a printmaker, calligrapher, and illustrator. Klee’s work is usually categorized as being part of the German Expressionism movement. His paintings often feature bright colors, whimsical lines and shapes, and abstract figures. Most of his work has been praised for its childlike qualities, which helps to make it difficult to age.

Paul Klee Wall Art -

Paul Klee was an artist that produced abstract art. He studied in Munich, Germany and was greatly influenced by his teacher, Franz Ciurtin. After 1914, he started to produce more and more abstract paintings because of the influence of Wassily Kandinsky. Most of his works were on paper or cardboard with a few on other materials. His works often include symbolism and fantasy colors that are mixed together in ways that make them hard to identify.

Paul Klee’s art style is simple, yet detailed. Although his paintings are abstract and use a lot of color, they still maintain a level of realism with their subjects. His paintings typically feature angular shapes, organic lines, and scribbles.