Rachael Robinson Elmer Canvas Wall Art

Rachael Elmer (July 28, 1878 – February 13, 1919) was an American artist from Vermont. She gained notability as a painter of postcards of New York City. Her work changed the world of American postcards.

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Until 1914, she only published a series of postcards portraying the city in Impressionistic style. After some difficulty finding publishers, her New York Series (of twelve cards) became an overnight success, selling in upscale boutiques and inspiring other artists to paint postcard pictures of their own cities. For the second series, she switched to Art Deco but could not find as much success. In 1918, she made postcards as a fundraiser for her hometown church.

Elmer illustrated children’s books and periodicals. She also made illustrations for Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks written by William Elliot Griffis. During World War I, Elmer illustrated posters and was active with the Bird and Tree Club, a group of artists engaged in raising funds to replant woods that have been ravaged in wartorn France.