Vincent Van Gogh Canvas Wall Art

Vincent van Gogh is an artist that has became famous for his work with oil paints. He’s done many paintings, but his most famous painting is “Starry Night.” Paragraph: Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands in 1853. He went to art school to become a minister, but he soon realized he didn’t have a future in preaching and switched to art instead. After graduating from school, he refused to work for anyone other than himself and lived as a painter for the rest of his life.

Vincent Van Gogh Wall Art -

Vincent van Gogh’s paintings have become some of the most iconic images in Western art. Although he didn’t have formal training, Vincent used a technique called pointillism to paint his signature swirls of colors. Pointillism is a method that involves painting with dots and not lines. Painting with dots allows an artist to produce a gradation of color by allowing the viewer’s eye to mix the colors together.