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Discover What Custom Canvas Is

Do you know what a photo canvas is? If your answer is no, don’t worry, in this post you will discover what it is and the many tips to get the most out of your creative side.

The photo canvas has become very popular lately, becoming the perfect option in which you can immortalize our images and even make a very special gift.

Digital photography has caused that, although we can take more and more instant photographs, these are not saved. Contrary to what happened with the reels of photos, now we have more possibilities to get that dreamed photo and that, in most cases, is stored only on our phone, and often lost or even deleted to free up space.

But printing an image is an activity that continues to conquer. Although now it is not so common to develop film, this makes it special. That is why more and more we want to go beyond developing and capture it as can be the photos on canvas.

Photo canvas: most relevant materials and features

Personalized photo on canvas is the new way to preserve photographs. It is a canvas fixed on a wooden frame on which the photograph will be printed. The appearance is the same as that of traditional canvases used to paint pictures with the difference that the printing of the photograph on canvas is done automatically. It has a high quality canvas so that it resembles the creation by hand.

In addition, this system has the advantage of not needing any special hanging system for the wall, with a bracket would be enough.

This kind of formats are very demanded nowadays in photo exhibitions, besides being the perfect choice to hang your favorite photo and create personalized products.

At Canvasjet, we invite you to remember those unique moments and to give stories and details in a personal, unique and fun way. Check out our website and choose from multiple formats of canvases which you can have personalized with your photos.

How to get a personalized photo canvas?

1. Choose the perfect photo
Choose from all your photos the one you like the most. That photograph that you want to have present on the wall and see it every morning. The best photos to choose always remember and leave a taste and a feeling so special that will be impregnated in the room.

Some of the ideas we give you are a special feeling. Like that trip you will never forget, the birth of your first child, the 50th anniversary of your parents and even a family photo, is one of the best ways to be able to remember it and decorate your home.

2. Choose the company you are going to work with
There are multiple platforms and companies that can provide you with the service of creating special gifts for important people. As a tip, if you do not have knowledge of online editing, you should opt for a platform that provides everything in a very simple way, without complications, so you can enjoy the creation process.

In Canvasjet, you have a unique and simple platform so you can create your personalized products. With our online editor you can create personalized photo canvases where you can print your dream photos.



Tips to take into account for your future photo canvas

To create your custom canvases in Canvasjet we give you some tips that you should take into account when you start creating so that you get this unique and personal painting on canvas.

With our online platform, you will not have any problem creating your product, but we still give you a few tips to keep in mind so that the result is the one you want.

Pay attention to the format and quality of the picture
You must keep in mind the size of the canvas. Depending on the photograph you should choose one or another, as the pixels of the image may be visible or even small.

Another fundamental factor you should think about is the area where it will be placed: will a larger or smaller canvas fit on that wall or in that space? You have different formats to find the ideal one: from 40 x 30, 40 x 40, 70 x 30, 70 x 50 and 70 x 70.

The best thing about our canvases is that we work with a handmade finish to ensure the highest quality. You will get a result as if the image itself had been painted directly.

Ask for advice
If you feel that you are not getting the result you expected, or you see that the task of creating your photo canvas is complicated, ask us. Or ask us for advice to find out what size canvas best fits your image.

Both in our social networks and in our contact phone we will be ready to advise you to get the result you expect. The Canvasjet team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Adjust the image and check the result
Once you have chosen the format and placed the image on the canvas, you must adjust the image to make it perfect. With our online editor you can achieve this in the easiest way.

And, of course, before sending your gift to the printer and completing the order, check the result in our preview provided by the platform itself, so you can rectify in time and not be a problem when your photo has already been printed.

With all these formats and all the tips we have provided in this post, you would already be ready to create your auto gift or the gift for someone special.

Now you know how to remember your favorite photographs in a very endearing way. This will not only have a special meaning, it allows you to decorate your home with stories that you have created yourself. Choose your photo and print it, we’ll take care of the rest.


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