Everything You Need To Know About Banksy’s Mobile Lovers Artwork

Banksy can produce at least one artwork a day but he only releases it on the day. His work had been held in London for 5 years but when he released it, there were copies being sold for £200 each.

Banksy Mobile Lovers

Light from the couple’s phones illuminate their faces and cast shadows along their arms. The person pictured is stiff and rigid, like a dancer standing with someone for a long time. They are stiff because they are standing there and because of the suits that they wear. Banksy wants to show us that people use their phones too much in today’s society and don’t engage with humans or have a true connection with someone else.

The Banksy artwork was uploaded to the artist’s website, but wasn’t spotted by consumers until 24 hours later.

Just about a few months ago, in August 2014, the 120-year-old boys club was struggling for funds and risked closing. Dennis Stinchcombe, club’s owner, decided to sell the Banksy graffiti to a private collector for £403,000.

After selling Mobile Lovers, the artist was informed that the bar was seized as the police were investigating who actually owned it. The artist made an unusual public comment on the situation, writing to Stinchcombe that he should do whatever he felt was right with the piece and not worry about his feelings.

According to Stinchcombe, Banksy would have attended his youth club as a teenager.

Banksy Mobile Lovers Canvas

Banksy is not a supporter of removing his own artwork from public space. His 2014 exhibition, “Stealing Banksy?” showcased art he captured from their original locations and condemned the show for doing so.

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