Canvas prints are one of the significant approaches to flaunt your most loved photographs. In addition to the fact that they light up any space, but they’re also a creative way to renovate a room. To learn more about Canvas Printing, check out the following article. 

What is Canvas Print?

Canvas Printing is a technique of projecting an image by an inkjet printer onto canvas. And once it’s done, the canvas is stretched onto a frame.

This approach transforms a digital photograph into an incredible art piece, making itself a center of attention for your room. Advanced technology and preservation methods make these photographs last a lifetime.

Advantages of Canvas prints

  • Durability
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 3D feel
  • Versatile 
  • Coast effective 
  • Glare-free 
  • Customized Dimensions 

When to avoid choosing Canvas Prints?

Under the Following circumstances Photo printing, on Canvas may not be such a great idea.

  1. At the point When ‘Texture’ of the frame is your focal point, rather than other features.
  2. When image-quality is low.
  3. When swapping of photos is required it’s not the option. Canvas prints can’t be altered.

What is Canvas Made Of?

Canvas is a durable and robust fabric produced using hemp. As technology revolutionized, manufacturers started utilizing linen and cotton instead of hemp. The main purpose behind the preference is that cotton fibers are more retentive rather compared to polyester. Cross Check what you need and for what reason. Then choose accordingly.

How is Canvas printing done?

You might be curious to know how photo printing on canvas is done, let’s go through it together.

  1. You can either buy a printer for canvas or do it whenever you want. It’s a good consideration if you are planning to do it regularly.
  2. Secondly, you can find a canvas printing vendor who can do it for you. They can also be ordered online at affordable rates. 

Once your photo canvas gets print-ready, it is then stretched around a wooden frame usually made from pine and glued for added strength. 

Types of Photo Canvas frames

Photo Canvas frames can be divided into two wide categories.

1.  Frameless canvas prints

2.  Framed canvas prints

Four different Layouts of Canvas prints

·         Personalized

·         Stock Images

·         Single Panel

·         Multi Panel

Canvas Prints Shapes & Sizes

Size Matters! No matter, if it’s just a collage gallery or a DIY canvas print – size, can pull off or flop the whole thought of the project.

  • Photos can be printed on a square, rectangle, or hexagon-shaped canvas.
  • Their dimensions vary from mini-sized to medium and large-sized canvas.
  • They come in landscape and portrait orientation also.


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