Gift Inspiration: Original Canvases For Gifts!

The advance of digital photography has made us take more and more pictures of special moments. However, we know that printed photos still have their charm and that developing film is now, if possible, a more special activity than it was before. That is why we want to tell you about a totally new way to print your photos: original canvases to give to your loved ones or to yourself.

This gift will not only make you stand out, but will show all your innovation, creativity and a very thoughtful work to surprise behind that little detail. So whether it’s that anniversary, your sister’s wedding, or your best friend’s birthday, now is the time! Choose that special photo for you and give a personalized canvas as a gift.

This element is a great decorative element that can be used in any corner: the bedroom, the living room and even in the hallway. Who doesn’t like to decorate their home with their favorite photos?

But let’s go to what you are looking for, we will tell you why the canvases are characterized and therefore the great option to give as a gift and be the most original.

The most original canvases to give as a gift: photo canvases

Canvas prints are a new way to preserve your photographs. They consist of fixing a canvas -on which a specific image is printed- to a wooden frame. In this way, you get a finish exactly like the traditional canvases used to paint pictures, with the peculiarity that this process has been done automatically and not by hand.

This type of painting has the peculiarity of being ready to hang as soon as it is created, since it does not require any complex installation system. Two simple pliers are enough to decorate your walls.

Photo canvases are a very popular product. For example, in photographic exhibitions, since its printing is of high quality, the multiplicity of formats that presents and the ease of placement that offers makes more and more photographers opt for it.

But you don’t need to be a professional to have the best quality. Photo canvases are a very special and original gift idea, ideal for commemorating holidays such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day through a family keepsake printed in the form of a painting.

Another advantage of this type of personalized canvas to give as a gift is that the manufacturing process is very simple. You only have to choose the photo to print and the size of the painting, and we take care of the rest of the work.

Although we take care of everything, you may be curious about how we do it, so here we are going to tell you the whole process. The manufacturing of the photo canvas will be based on four steps:

Assembling the frame
The first step to create the photo canvas is to create the base that will hold it. This structure will be composed of four wooden sticks on which to place the canvas with the photograph, as in traditional paintings.

Printing the image
This is the most important step, where the image is transferred to the canvas. During this process the edges are also printed, so it is necessary to choose their characteristics. That is, the corners that the photo canvas will have when it is mounted.

Assembling the original canvases to give as gifts
The manufacturing process is completed with the mounting of the canvas on the frame. It is as simple as placing the printed photo on top of the frame and fixing it on the back.

Packing your canvas
Now we come to the final step. Once the product is ready, it must be carefully packed for shipping. In order to avoid damage during the trip and to arrive in the best condition for its next destination, the wall of the giftee.

Why is a personalized canvas an original gift?
Once you know what a personalized canvas is and what is the most common way to make it, with photos, it’s time to explain why this is the most original gift that will not fail when the time comes:

The original canvases to give as a gift have an emotional and sentimental meaning.
Framing a souvenir and giving it as a gift for a person to hang it on the wall of their home will make them remember the experiences and feelings lived during that time whenever they pass in front of it. In addition to the fact that they will appreciate the time you have been thinking about finding that special gift, it will certainly make a difference!

It allows you to choose the souvenir you like the most
Among all the good moments you share with someone, there is always one that you love and gives you a special smile. That’s the one you should capture, although surely on more than one occasion more than one memory comes to mind that you want to capture. Another option you have is to think about what that person likes or what they would like to have always in their home, their pet, a photo of them in Milan? Think that this image will be contemplated and will make them relive that moment just by looking at it.

It is a decorative element for the home that never goes out of style.
Good memories never expire. And, as traditional as it may be to give a photo as a gift, personalized canvas prints are becoming one of the favorite gifts to surprise a loved one. This is due to the trend we have always had of placing our loved ones or our favorite memories in our homes -thanks to photographs-. And, there is no more stylish way to do it than through a canvas.

Tips on how to get the best quality personalized canvas

If you are considering ordering a canvas, either to decorate your home or to give it as a gift to someone, you should take into account some factors. We bring you some tips that you should consider before setting out to create those original canvases to give as a gift:

Use good quality photos
It seems silly, but the joke can make us have a result far from what we expected. Especially if you are looking to print one in large format, it is essential that the quality of the photo is high to avoid pixelation. This does not mean that the image has to be taken with a great digital camera, but that it has good characteristics such as a correct focus, adequate resolution…

Use a photo that fits the model of the canvas.
Linked to the previous point, matching the size of your canvas to the size of your photo is important so that there are no problems when printing it. For example, if the photo is square, it is not advisable to choose a rectangular canvas, as it will leave empty edges that may affect the aesthetics of the final painting.

Put yourself in the hands of the best professionals
Do not be in a hurry when choosing the company that will carry out your creation. Opt for one that offers quality and multiple options.

At Canvasjet, we have several models of original canvases to give as gifts that fit your needs. In addition, we work with a photographic print of the highest quality so that not a single detail is lost when making your photo a great picture. Our team of professionals will advise you to find the most suitable size to create your photo canvas.

As you can see, original canvas prints for gifts continue to be a trend in the market thanks to their emotionality. What are you waiting for to create pictures with special moments with your favorite people?

Don’t wait any longer! From Canvasjet, we can help you with the whole process Do you have any doubts? Contact our specialized team, we will be happy to help you to give your loved one that personalized canvas.

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