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How To Decorate With Canvas Prints

Photography is a source of inspiration, who doesn’t like to have their home surrounded by the best memories? This is where the new trend of decorating with pictures on canvas comes in. But why?

Within the canvas printing we can capture everything we like, where are the photographs and images. Therefore, it is important to know a little more about the history of photography.

The beginning of photography is not a thing of a single day, much less an invention made by a single person, but rather, dozens of inventors have participated in its creation. Even today, it continues to be improved with new models of cameras, more compact and of ever-increasing quality.

The first camera was not developed until the 19th century, but it is said that before that, devices were used to capture images on a surface. Previously, the only way to illustrate families and even have portraits was by painting and pictures.

Thanks to the great evolution, nowadays we have at our disposal multiple devices that allow us to make and store our photographs in an easy and fast way. That is why many times we can lose our favorite images.

For us, without a doubt, the best method is to decorate our wall with those pictures on canvas. In this Canvasjet post we explain how to create them in an easy and fun way.

What is a canvas printing?
A canvas printing is a linen, cotton or hemp fabric that usually depicts an image that is printed on the canvas itself as if it had been painted on it.

It is not the same as a poster or a framed photograph, as both are printed on a photographic paper or laminated paper. Canvas prints are paintings that may have the same purpose but the quality of the printing and decoration is different.

At Canvasjet, you can create your personalized canvas prints on our website. We provide you with different sizes, so you can fit any type of image to them.

Where to start decorating canvas prints?
The main purpose of a canvas print is to decorate a room, to capture an important moment or even to give a loved one a special moment.

Therefore, we propose the first steps to start decorating your room with an image that you like in the simplest way:

Measure the space you have available for your canvas painting It is very important that you have foreseen the place where you want to place it, since the image can be larger or smaller. Measure the space you have available and look at our website to see what size best suits what you are looking for.

Take into account the colors of the room It is very important that it matches the colors of the room in which our canvas will be placed. Look at the room and evaluate: if it is a colorful photograph, if it is in black and white or if it contains a phrase. What is the most suitable for your space?

Coherence with the decorative style of the room You must take into account that if it is an old image, it matches with what the room transmits. If it is an abstract or very modern image, it may not look good if you have a vintage room. Evaluate and choose.

Choose canvas prints

As mentioned above, we have multiple sizes to fit any type of image and, so you can choose the size that best suits your room, from longer, wider or smaller canvas prints. Choose from many that suit you best: 40 x 30, 40 x 40, 70 x 30, 70 x 50 to 70 x 70 so you can find just the dimensions you need!

Test to see which composition would be the most suitable. Test, test and test again. Before you start editing your painting on canvas, you can test the color or size to see if it will look good in the place you have chosen. It is very important to feel confident! But if you think you have it right the first time, get to work.

The final hour has arrived: hang it up Once the whole creation process is finished, it’s time to receive your canvas with image, and hang it up to enjoy that moment, that image that transmits you so much. Just what you were waiting for!

Tips on how to decorate canvas paintings
We know that decorating the rooms of our home is sometimes complicated, in Canvasjet we give you some basic tips for decorating walls in high quality. But if you need more sources of inspiration. Here are our 5 tips:

Framed or unframed
This is going to depend a lot on the personality of both the person and the message of the painting. So you may want to hang it with a frame or not. If you finally put a frame, you will have to take into account the colors of the space to match well and if you decide not to put it, it will look more modern and uniform.

Create a focal point
The image is going to transmit something, so it must be placed in a focal point so that it can be contemplated and have a harmony with the room. This way it will transmit more than if it is placed in a corner.

Hanging or supporting our canvas printing
At Canvasjet we offer you the possibility to hang it on the wall or leave it leaning on your desk. Multiple positions for your photo canvas print. You choose where you want to have it. The latter option is increasingly present in homes, being left leaning on walls, furniture or any corner of the home. Do you like this novelty?

What to do with our picture on canvas if our wall is full color?
Remember that if you want to hang it on a colorful wall, you must take into account the colors of the painting itself. They must match and make the image stand out more than the wall, otherwise it would not be appreciated. We suggest two options: First, if the canvas is colorful, it will be better to put it on plain walls and less cluttered places. If, on the other hand, the canvas has soft colors that go perfectly with your space, do not hesitate, this is its place.

Take advantage of unusual places
You can be creative with your painting, you can put it on a wall or on a stand as we mentioned before. So you can bring out your ingenious side and put it in places where no one else would.

On the sofa
Perhaps, the most typical, but never fails. You can place it as a headboard for the sofa so that your visitors, when they sit down, can see your image, with the picture you like the most. Even if your wall is long, you can opt for several paintings on canvas in the smallest size, so that the story is lengthened.

Above the TV
If you have an empty space above the TV, why not take advantage of it? Canvases can brighten up and blend great in that space. The television is one of the elements of the house that we look at the most and putting our painting above it to contemplate it every day will give us a cozy feeling.

What if I have a fireplace?
For those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace, we have to tell you that it is a great space for it. In the fireplace we place a lot of decoration, therefore, it can be a good place to place that picture with the memory of your trip to Paris, your first anniversary or the picture of your children.

Near the bed
Maybe you want to have this picture less exposed and keep it more intimate. Undoubtedly, a bedroom is so versatile that we find different ways to place it. You can get an original headboard by putting that picture of the two of you, your last birthday or even the picture you took on a trip over a city.

Create, organize and decorate your rooms with our Canvasjet canvas prints in a simple, fast and fun way. High quality paintings in both image and fabric. It will look like you have painted the image yourself.

Follow our tips so you can decorate your home and if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to consult our website or our social networks to contact us. Bring out your creative side to tell stories with us.

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