Photo mosaic on canvas

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    This is the main photo that will be used for the mosaic. 

    For best image quality, we recommend you to upload a high resolution photo

    • (max file size 512 MB) AED

    Select individual photos to use in the mosaic.

    • You should upload at least 30 photos. The more photos, the better.
    • You can upload a maximum of 1,000 photos at the same time.
    • Depends on the number of photos and size of the mosaic, your photos will be repeated to create the best mosaic photo.
    • If your photos are appearing upside down or on their side, we will ensure all photos are the correct way up when we produce your mosaic.
    • Compress all your files into one single compressed file.
    • Upload your photos From the below button then copy/paste the share link in the below box, or simply share your photos with us later after you place your order.

    Top 5 File Transfer Services for 2020

    • AED
    • AED
    • AED

    Our process ensures that you get perfect results optimized for any size canvas, every time. Our skilled technicians will expertly adjust contrast, saturation, resolution, sharpness… and more.

    • AED
    • 10 AED

    If your main photo needs a little facelift, don’t fear, We offer a variety of design services that can transform any image from ordinary to extraordinary. Click here for examples.

    • 39 AED
    • 69 AED
    • 99 AED
    • AED

    We will send you the HD soft copy of your mosaic design after we ship your order.

    • 99 AED


    Your mosaic photo will be created after checkout by our professional mosaic artists and you will be sent a FREE digital preview via email so you can see exactly what your mosaic canvas will look like before we print. Allow 24 hours for turnaround. If you are not entirely satisfied (which is very unlikely) then we shall work together to ensure we get your perfect mosaic.
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