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Room Color and How It Controls Your Mood

Colors hold the power to create an aura around you that can affect your moods and thoughts, so you gotta make the right color choices when it comes to your room color.

Not only feelings, but colors can also make drastic visual changes like making a small space look more spacious or a large space more comfy and intimate.

Let’s take a look at the distinctive power of each color and how you can use the different shades and tones to alter the look of your room.


This color speaks for trust, honesty, logic, and reason, also perceived to be calming and serene. It can also give off a cold, icy, and unfriendly vibe depending on what shades you use with what intensity.

Soft shades induce calmness and relaxation while intense dark blues stimulate concentration and clarity. This kitchen with a blue interior looks super relaxing to work in while you toss those veggies in the pan.

This living room looks amazing with the dark shade of furniture contrasting with the lighter wall paint. The magic lies in the beautiful canvas of blue feathers. You can find such at Canvas Dubai or Canvas Abu Dhabi.


Here comes the color of class and royalty. Purple in its dark shades gives rich and dramatic vibes while in lighter versions such as lavender and lilac it seems serene and soothing. This bedroom with purple bedding and wall paint looks super classy along with the purple led lights on the wall.

The kids’ room looks adorable owing to the splendid purple canvas on the wall which can be found on Canvas Prints Online.


This reddish-brown color which resembles metal copper gives an extravagant and rich look. Accents of copper can add to the glory of your room.

This copper-themed bathroom gives the exact cozy feeling that you look for in winters.

You can also go for this look by getting these wall arts from Canvas Dubai or Canvas Abu Dhabi.


Giving an emotionless and moody vibe this color gives a neutral and balanced interior. Lighter shades give a formal and sophisticated look while darker shades symbolize strength.

 This dining looks elegant with its simple yet super classy vibe. You can also get these cool grey touch-ups from Canvas Uae.


Red, the epitome of romance and passion can elevate the energy of your room to another level. A small pop of this color can look amazingly dramatic.

This kitchen gives off an energetic vibe owing to the vibrancy in the color of the cabinets. You can also go for red Canvas Prints Online or get them at Canvas Uae.


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