The Benefits of Canvas Printing

We are UAE’s Photo Art Experts. One of the things that help us to achieve this goal is our canvas printing products. With these items, you can print your digital photos in a more permanent manner and they will be displayed in your home or office.


Top 5 Benefits of Printing on Canvas

If you try to frame your photos in a space with a lot of light, glare and reflections can get in the way of how the photographers intended for the images to be viewed. Looking for more options? Canvas prints give off a matte finish so that they are protected from this kind of light.




2. Style Versatility

You can give a canvas print as a gift, because the versatility of canvas prints makes them compatible with all decor styles, and they will have a spot in your home for many years if you change the design style.



3. Budget-Friendly

One of the most popular benefits of canvas printing is that it’s more cost-effective than buying a painting of the same size. It is also more rewarding to see your own photography displayed at such a large scale.



4. So Many Size Options

You can get prints in different sizes, so it’s easy to get the right look you want. Canvasjet offers over different print sizes, in various types of canvases, and with various frames.



5. Nearly Any Photo Looks Good Printed on Canvas

Canvas photo prints can vary in color and texture, making even low resolution photos look good. They also come in a variety of colors and textures, while other types of photo art products offer less flexibility.


In addition to the general advantages of canvas prints, you can create your own canvas prints, rather than printing something premade. Canvasjet turns your photos into great quality canvas prints.

1. Longevity

With a canvas printing company like  Canvasjet, your photos will be printed using HP Vivera Latex inks and last for 200 years without the fading or yellowing that is associated with other companies.


3. Beautiful Texture

One advantage of Canvas Prints is its texture, which sets it apart from other products like Poster Prints. The canvas weave looks amazing, especially when compared to simple prints from other companies.


4. Eco-friendly

Canvasjet sources its materials locally, and uses a chemical free process that is friendly to the environment. The frames are made from renewable Canadian basswood.

After learning more about the advantages of canvas printing, are you excited to turn your own photos into a piece of art? We would love to help you! Check out our Canvas Prints page for more information on what we offer and testimonials from some of our customers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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