What does it take to keep your house’s interior design aesthetic and the house top-notch clean?

The way beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so does the art. As much as different forms of art appeal to us like some people find scenic beauty artistic, few are attracted to architectural pieces, however, a good lot of people admire the art on canvases.

The traditional canvases have been substituted by photo canvases or canvas prints or photo prints however the essence of its charm remains intact nevertheless.

Canvas printing or photo printing is cherished around the globe and specifically in the places of UAE like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are famous for canvas printing or photo printing that too generates quality canvas prints.

As much as it is pleasing to see any form of art be it mother nature or architectural beauty or theatre or listening to music, one of the oldest ways is the art on canvas which is exceptionally unique and aesthetically appealing. The art on these canvases is embossed differently nowadays and instead of a hand painting, the art is printed hence the vintage canvases are called photo canvases or canvas prints or photo prints in contemporary times.

What does Jess Preston have to say about art and how can art be inculcated into our homes according to the artist? Let us see her take on it.

“Putting art into your home can be totally over though. If you love a piece, don’t think about it just buy it!  The next trick is to remember that a piece of art if framed, can look different in one from frame to another. Look at the core piece of art, decide which room to put it into, and then either re-frame it to make it work in the room or you can paint/adjust the frame to tie it into other items in the room”

As much as it is essential to embellish our homes, we need to know everything to keep it clean.

For that, we need to have our cleaning kit to begin the process. The kit includes a piece of fabric, glass cleaner, broom, a vacuum cleaner, a collector, a detergent, and foremost we need to make a checklist of all the essentials so we do not miss out on any.

Before you begin the process, make sure to place all the things, furniture, utensils, clothes in their right places. An organized way of doing so would be to keep a basket with you so when you can place and pick the things and vice versa where they belong.

Begin with a room. As for the living room, vacuum-clean the sofas first. In case the covering is made of leather, clean the surface using a wet cloth. The glass table should always be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Vacuum clean the carpeted area while cleaning the tiles with a brush.

Mop the floor of the tiles with a clean cloth dipped with the surface cleaner. The dustbins should be paper/plastic wrapped so the waste can conveniently be disposed of. Wearing gloves while disposing of is very crucial.

In the end, spray your house with an air freshener.

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