What is Canvas Fabric and Where It’s Utilized

We’re frequently asked: what is canvas textile as well as where it’s made use of? Read on to find out just how genuinely versatile and also extensively used canvas is today!

Canvas is the best product for a big series of companies. Each year our image canvas prints alone amount to hundreds of products used canvas. Few individuals understand just how the famously durable and also versatile textile initially came to be such a mainstay of sector. This article will offer you the fundamental truths concerning our favorite print tool.

In This Article:

  • What canvas is and also what makes it so resilient
  • Just how canvas came to be the criterion for photo printing
  • Reasons to select canvas for your prints
What Exactly is Canvas and What Makes it So Sturdy?

The history of canvas extends back for centuries. The name might ultimately originate from the Greek word kannabis (significance “hemp”). However though the ancient Greeks are usually taken into consideration to have actually popularized making use of the fabric, cotton canvas is believed to have actually been woven in ancient India as very early as 1500 BC.

Canvas is not just one of the most preferred fabrics in history yet also one of the most enduring.

While the very early variations of canvas were generally made from bed linen, with its history the material has likewise been created using tow, flax, and also hemp. Today it’s mostly made using linen or cotton, usually mixed with polyvinyl chloride. The extremely thick simple weave utilized in canvas makes it magnificently durable– as well as excellent for usages that involve harsh therapy as well as high pressure levels.

So just how did a textile utilized to produce bags, footwear, sails as well as outdoors tents wind up being everyone’s front runner for image printing?

Just How Canvas Became the Requirement for Image Printing.

To recognize how canvas ended up being so extensively utilized for paint as well as image printing, we need to go back to 17th-century Europe. The textile was currently well-known by then, with the very first efforts at using canvas for oil paint having been made back in the 14th century– but it was not up until the early 17th century that the textile changed wood panels as the primary support tool for painting.

Renaissance painters had valued the product for its affordability as well as practical qualities. Canvas paints dried out even more promptly than frescos, and showed substantially slower deterioration than paintings on wood panels.

Throughout the following four centuries, canvas verified economical and basic to produce on an industrial range. Made using conveniently offered raw materials, created with reduced manufacturing costs, as well as using exceptional aesthetic top qualities, canvas is a noticeable selection of support medium for visual art. This had actually applied for oil paintings, acrylic paints, needlework– and also currently photo prints.

Why Choose Canvas for Your Prints?

As canvas is such a wonderful all-rounder, printing your images on canvas is fairly simple– suggesting that we can generate superior prints at a workable price, and of course pass on the benefit to you in the form of wallet-friendly prices.

It’s not just the material itself that provides you extraordinary longevity. You can forget any type of concerns regarding longevity when it pertains to the print also.

The canvas utilized by canvasjet.com is particularly designed for HP latex printing, and we utilize only HP latex inks to recreate your pictures. In other words, the inks we use as well as the medium we print them on are flawlessly lined up before the procedure even begins. And also HP latex inks are UV-proof, implying that you’re assured a durable residence design piece.

There could be choices around, however no other tool has actually been tested by history as completely as canvas– from the sailcloth of the ancient Greeks to the image prints displayed in millions of homes.

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