High Quality Canvas Print


We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that our customers can feel like they are receiving the best product out there. But what, exactly, does that mean?

Each custom canvas print is:

  • Printed with UV-protected latex inks.
  • Printed on a premium-coated, archival-quality, poly-cotton canvas.
  • Handcrafted, 100% pinewood frames sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Prints arrive ready-to-hang with pre-installed metal hooks.
  • Every print has reinforced backing so they are guaranteed never to sag.

Decorate your living place with photo prints on canvas or give them away as gifts for special occasions. Canvas photo prints can truly make your memories last for a long time. We’re ready to make you say “Wow!”

Individual Edge Designs for Canvas Prints

Folded Edge

Your canvas is wrapped over the frame in classic gallery style. The margins of your image will appear on the sides of the frame, so make sure any vital elements of your photo aren’t too close to the edge!

Mirrored Edge

The image of your choice is fully visible on the front side of the canvas print. The margins of your photo are then copied, inverted and printed on the frame edges to create a mirror image effect.

Stretched Edge

The pixels at the outer border of your photo are stretched lengthwise across the frame sides to create a striking blur effect. Your image remains visible in full on the front side of the canvas.

White Edge

Your photo is scaled to appear in full on the front side of your canvas. The sides of the frame are covered with a pure white edge that provides a clean border and intensifies your image.

Black Edge

As with the White Edge choice, your photo is displayed only on the front of the canvas. A black strip is then printed on the sides of the photo canvas, providing an intense pop of contrast.

Real Wood Frame for Canvas Printing

Standard frame 2 cm thickness

To produce your photo canvas, we use 2 cm thick spruce wood stretcher frame of the highest quality. Even with its solid wood frame, the canvas maintains its lightweight properties, and depending on the format it should require no more than a nail or two to be hung on the wall.

Medium frame 3.5 cm thickness

This version features a canvas thickness of 3.5 cm when measured, this frame thickness is our most popular. It gives the depth necessary to create noticeable perspective and distance from the wall, a good “heft” to your artwork without being too bulky.

Bulky frame 5 cm thickness

This is a Statement-Maker, choose it to increase the durability of your photo canvas and achieve that true gallery-like aesthetic. Large-format canvas prints give you more expressive depth while also making your product more stable. The spruce wood frame provides a light and easy-to-hang solution for your wall decoration.

Make the Most of Your Personalized Canvas


Over the years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work in regards to packaging canvas prints. We have implemented and fine-tuned a process that protects your art from damage during shipping. We place your canvas in a protective poly-bag that protects the printed surface of your artwork.  This bag is then attached to the inside wall of the shipping box to prevent any movement while in transit. It may take a little longer for you to open your package, but, by using this method, the vast majority of our canvases arrive unharmed.


Hanger Set

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop with a framed piece of artwork. We use high quality steel hardware to make sure your canvas artwork is easy to mount. For smaller canvas prints, we use the sawtooth hanging hardware as seen at the top of the image to the right. For larger canvas prints, we use the hangers and wire as seen at the bottom of the image to the right. Both variations are easy to hang on your wall with our included hanging hardware.

Simple pricing, no surprises
Frame Type
2 cm Deep
3.5 cm Deep
5 cm Deep
20 x 20

AED 395 AED 99

AED 444 AED 111

AED 502 AED 125

30 x 30

AED 561 AED 140

AED 637 AED 159

AED 723 AED 181

40 x 40

AED 748 AED 187

AED 850 AED 212

AED 965 AED 241

50 x 50

AED 955 AED 239

AED 1,083 AED 271

AED 1,227 AED 307

60 x 60

AED 1,182 AED 296

AED 1,337 AED 334

AED 1,510 AED 377

70 x 70

AED 1,430 AED 358

AED 1,611 AED 403

AED 1,813 AED 453

80 x 80

AED 1,698 AED 425

AED 1,906 AED 476

AED 2,136 AED 534

90 x 90


AED 2,221 AED 555

AED 2,480 AED 620

100 x 100


AED 2,556 AED 639

AED 2,844 AED 711

Frequently Asked Questions about our Canvas Prints
An image printed on canvas through the printing process which is either stretched on a wooden frame or gallery-wrapped to display are known as custom photos printed on canvas.

Our canvas prints are a prime example of manufacturing excellence, as shown by our consistently great reviews and a loyal customer base. Elegant, built to last, containing no solvents and available at a bargain price, our prints easily rival the very best canvas prints on the market!

Our photo canvas prints come with a wooden frame that provides a sturdy foundation for your image. 

Yes, we do! We provide custom sizes from 20×20 cm to 200×140 cm for your photos on canvas in any width and length combination. If you have a custom requirement beyond these, then we even do that for you! contact us.
Yes, you can create a personalized canvas with any photo of your choice. From your personal favorite photos to any famous artwork images, if you have an image, you can print it on canvas print.
Don’t worry, we can print low resolution photo to any canvas size. we have amazing technology to enhance any photo.
Even your mobile phone photos — we’ve got you covered.
Pixel-Perfect Canvas Print for Your Wall

Superb Color Reproduction and Image Sharpness

To produce your photo canvas, we use 2cm, 3.5cm or 5cm thick spruce wood stretcher frame of the highest quality. Even with its solid wood frame, the canvas maintains its lightweight properties, and depending on the format it should require no more than a nail or two to be hung on the wall.

Swift Production and Excellent Delivery Terms

Our canvas prints are all set for shipping 24-48 hours after you place your order. Thanks to our perfectly streamlined manufacturing process, your canvas will be produced in a matter of hours. The ready-made product will be packed to perfection and delivered to you by our dependable courier partners. Your photo canvas image will arrive looking just as great as it did in the preview window.

Certified for HP Latex Printing

Every canvas created at our factory is built to be used for professional photo printing. Our manufacturing standards ensure flawless reproduction quality, without using any potentially harmful compounds. Our canvas prints are produced without the use of solvents, making them completely safe for children and people suffering from allergies.

High-Quality Product with No Extra Effort for You

The canvas fabric is stretched by hand, a procedure carried out by experienced masters of their craft. Stretched perfectly taut over a quality spruce wood frame, the ready-made canvas will be the perfect item to complement your interior decor. Upload your photo and in a matter of minutes you’ll be able to place your order. It’s an effortless process with a great product at the end of the line!

The best customer ratings
Graeme S.
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"Accurate imaging preview, simple step by step process. Results are excellent"
Hassan F.
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Excellent Product and Service
Matthew J.
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Incredible quality delivered fast and safe! Could not recommend them enough
roshan A.
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Very professional, they contacted me a couple of times to tell me what works best for the photos I s...
TIm S.
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Great service, very fast. I love it !
Clarissa B.
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Print colour are fabulous and the split pictures look great. Service was speedy and efficient. Than...
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Great memory for us to keep forever great job love it
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