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Cleaning your Canvas and Keep it Looking Great

At Canvasjet, we create quality canvas prints, this quality means that by cleaning your canvas, you can keep it looking great easily without fear of damage, this is because of the high-grade canvas sheets and production we implement. We know you’ll love hanging it up on the wall for years to come, and it makes sense

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Appreciating abstract portraits and faces

Well before babies recognize anything else in their environment, they recognize the human face. They learn to follow their parents’ gaze and mimic every expression, from an arch of the eyebrow to the curl of a lip. This fascination with human expression doesn’t leave us as we get older. As adults, we may have a

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Charming Family Portraits Ideas

In this awesome article, we take a look at 5 charming family portrait ideas you’ll want to try! When it comes to families, there simply isn’t a ‘one size fits all.’ Historically, the family was the name given to a group of people related either by blood or marriage. Nowadays, we see love as the

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One interior decor product to complete the look

Custom wall art: the easiest way to complete a room We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room and feeling off as if something was missing. In fact, this often happens when you move into a new home and can’t quite figure out how to warm it up. Whether you’re newly furnishing or

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Good day to our fellow readers! We’re back for yet another blog post on canvas photo printing! Today we’ll be sharing more about displaying your beautiful canvas wall prints.  A question that we often receive from you guys is, can you display canvas wall photo prints alongside your framed prints. Simple answer is yes but

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Pre-wedding shoots are now more popular than ever. There are couples who even take it up a notch by flying overseas just to take photos overlooking the mountains or the beach. s you receive the photos from your photographer, you would be sifting out the best ones to print on your own custom canvas. Let

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Do you have a special memory that you want to keep for life, such as a wedding photo, your child’s birth, or you receiving a prize on stage? Canvas printing are a classic and elegant way of displaying your photos and retaining your memories. Canvas printing results in products that look so much better than

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Have you ever wondered why canvas prints make great gifts? In this EPIC article, we take a look at answering that question! If you need a unique gift to give your loved ones, we personally think there is no better option than canvas prints. Canvas prints make wonderful photography gifts because they are so personal

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Welcome everybody back to the Canvasjet. It’s been a while since we touched on canvas printing. Today we will be walking you through some tips on deciding whether canvas wall art printing is best suited for you. TIP 1: DECIDING ON THE PHOTO TO USE The most important tip is to select a picture that

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