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Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support

We are not a traditional art and printing company, that you can visit or call, since we started in 2012 and we are 100% online business, with our business model we able to offer products at competitive prices and our team at CanvasJet is always ready to help and assist you.

We offer 24/7 online support via email, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Live chat. Check the links below to each one of them.

Customer Support team members are real, friendly humans. We love answering questions, solving problems, and helping you preserve your memories. Print your favorite photos on the highest quality materials with support from a team that cares.

At CanvasJet, we have several values that we use to govern how we grow our business, one of those is Transparency. We are hyper focused on providing the best support to our customers and being able to do so at scale. However, we don’t offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective help over the phone. We keep our support online for a few reasons:

  • We can instantly view where are you on our website, account activity, share images, and other information so we can help you effectively.
  • We deal with personal images, artwork, and the best way to share them is online.
  • We can provide you step-by-step guides as well as links to guide you in the right direction.
  • It’s faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold.
  • We want to ensure nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue.

By focusing on online support channels, we can scale our support and dedicate resources to continually improve and innovate our art and printing platform. But don’t just take our word for it, check out feedback from happy clients.

For general questions, we encourage you to check out our handy-dandy FAQ section first. Chances are there’s an answer waiting for you there.
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