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A guide to optimizing your CanvasJet design

The right artwork can make any space come alive. The use of custom prints brings warmth and sophistication to any room of your house, from the office to the living room. Whether you prefer classic or modern artwork or even your own photographs, you can choose what you like. It is however best to hang decor that you have made yourself on the walls.


We’re committed to making sure you get world-class custom prints for your home once you upload your pictures to CanvasJet or choose your statement art print. We’ve compiled 6 of the best ways to optimize your designs with CanvasJet so that you can create an artwork you’ll love.


  1. Make use of filters

CanvasJet makes producing stunning prints easy without the need for photo editing skills. Our meticulously curated filter collection makes it easy to give your images that extra je ne sais quoi they need to elevate your prints.


In this case, we are not referring to the filters you see on social media that completely alter your appearance. You can use these filters to enhance your existing images!


Our Black & White and Sepia filters can help you create a cohesive gallery wall by creating a cohesive look across all images. Want to spice things up with a fun twist? You can choose from a variety of filters, such as Pop Art, Digital Paint, or Comic Books. Also, these filters are excellent for adding a whole new dimension to any prints that have a lower resolution.


  1. Decide what size is right for you

A very common question we receive is, “what size should I choose for my design”? There are a number of factors that you need to consider.


Is there something you’d like to stand out from the crowd? Do you intend to build a gallery wall? How about a triptych?


Generally, the amount of wall space you have available should be filled with your artwork by approximately 60-75%. One image or several can be used for this. Mixing and matching smaller canvases such as 8″x12″ works well, while statement pieces require larger sizes such as 20″x30″.


In addition to choosing your size, you will also want to decide whether you would like the design to be in portrait (vertical), landscape (horizontal), or even square.


We can customize sizes to fit your space, so please don’t hesitate to order! The memories you have here will last forever. You can count on us for assistance!


  1. Wrap your canvas in photos

In order to properly display a canvas print on your wall, you should choose one that looks at home there.


We offer photo-wrapping options that allow you to wrap your image around your print. You will be able to achieve a perfect seamless look for your artwork by doing this. Wrapped photos allow for additional print space without taking up much space on the background.


You can make your print stand out by adding a black or white border. The solid wrap is also an ideal solution for images with subjects near the edges. (An ideal shot is a family portrait or a close-up shot!)


Whether you need a 0.75″ or 1.25″ deep canvas wrap edge, we have what you need. Your choice of depth will depend primarily on your personal preference and the look you want to achieve. When wrapping a picture around a 1.25″ canvas, be aware that the edges will require more space.


  1. Put it in a frame

There’s something extremely classic about a framed print, even though we love seeing your artwork on canvas. You can use frames to make your design stand out from the surrounding environment so that it becomes the center of attention.


Available in a variety of beautifully contrasting colors, CanvasJet frames are sure to set your artwork apart from the rest. Ensure that all your artwork is framed in the same way for a sleek appearance. To create a more dynamic gallery wall, mix and match different types of art.


  1. Take advantage of extra help whenever you need it

The hard part is done – you have already made memories you’ll cherish forever. Give your CanvasJet design a final polish by letting us handle the heavy lifting. We can assist you with retouching your image to perfection – we won’t require any editing from you!


Whether you want to remove blemishes or add text, or remove backgrounds or add objects to your images, we’re able to help. Your picture-perfect photo can even be enhanced if you remove those people who walked into the background!


  1. Double-check it

We include a Free Digital Print Proof with every CanvasJet order. You will receive a preview of the design after our in-house designers confirm your order. Ensure you are satisfied with this preview by checking it twice (or even three times)! As soon as you approve your preview, we’ll prepare your artwork for printing. After that, it’s just a matter of checking your mailbox!


Your life deserves prints to commemorate the important moments in it, and CanvasJet can help you do that. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to create a stunning (custom) design that can be hung in your home. We have provided you with simple steps and tricks to help you do this. It is our great pleasure to play a small role in preserving your memories and elevating your space in a way that makes a difference to you.


It’s our pleasure to deliver your new print, and we know you’ll love it. It’s not uncommon, however, for your vision to differ from the final result. In order to make things even easier for you, we also provide a 100% no-hassle guarantee. We’re here to help if you aren’t satisfied with the final design. If it is wrong, we will either fix it or refund your money.


Are you ready to design your own CanvasJet design and optimize it? Now is the time to create the perfect canvas print!

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