Banksy Cheltenham Telephone Box Spies – The Meaning Behind the Art

Banksy put up a mural in Cheltenham that satirized government surveillance. The mural was so popular that the house it’s on was given a protection by Cheltenau Borough Council as one of the UK’s most photographed homes.

Banksy Cheltenham Telephone Box Spies

Spy Booth features three government agents in trench coats, listening in on the conversations of people using a public phone box. It appeared after Edward Snowden’s revelations about widespread phone tapping.

A Banksy graffiti mural was destroyed during repairs to a house in 2016. The artwork was first created in 2010.

Banksy Cheltenham Telephone Box Spies

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Banksy Monkey Parliament Canvas Print

Artist, Banksy depicts chimps in the House of Commons, suggesting they are symbols of idiocy. Other artwork by Banksy that features chimpanzees can be seen at this other link and this other link.

The stencil was originally shown at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery as part of their 2009 Banksy exhibition. The stencil became his biggest sale at the time, selling in October 2019 for $12.2 million, or £9.9 million, at Sotheby’s in London

Banksy Crayon Child Soldier Canvas Print

A mural bearing Crayon Boy, often found in Los Angeles, is a noteworthy children’s artwork. It reminds us of child soldiers in war and their vibrant childhoods.


Banksy Smiley Angel Policeman Canvas Print

Banksy, a graffiti artist, created the image of a police officer with wings and a yellow smiley face, called Flying Copper.

Banksy contrasts two views of the world with this faceless, winged figure.

Banksy made many different versions of Flying Copper. Banksy also created large, outdoor murals in London, Vienna and Berlin. We have options for you too: check out a graffiti heavy version of Flying Copper on our website or you can find Flying Copper in a variety of backgrounds, from pink to red or green.

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