The Definitive Guide to Photo Canvas Printing

In this post we will discuss photo printing on canvas, what it is, its characteristics and how to carry it out. This type of photos are made on 1 cm feather cardboard and printed on photographic paper with metal hanger included and optional protective laminate.

There are many tutorials on how to make this type of personalized pictures, but it is still a task that a professional will undoubtedly perform with high quality and will offer you a wide range of options in terms of thickness, size and format with whose result you will be satisfied.

Photo Printing on Canvas

Next, we will address the characteristics of canvas, the results obtained when printing a photo on them are of a good quality and a minimum resolution of 100 DPI, especially if the degree of compression is set to the highest quality level.

On the other hand, the TIFF format is also commonly used in digital cameras. Printing your photos on canvas will make the finish very similar to that of a painting on a canvas, and this makes it ideal for the production of pop art, reproductions of images of pictorial works, among others. Ideal for art lovers, wow. When the canvas is stretched over the frame, the photograph is seen with a three-dimensional effect, unlike other photographic products. This effect is reinforced when the image motif is on the front and the border is printed, that is to say, it protrudes, we will go into detail in the section on borders that we will discuss later.


To deal with everything related to canvas photo printing, we must also refer to the different types of formats to choose for canvas printing, in Canvasjet we have five different options depending on the place where you want to show it. Our top seller is the 40×30 canvas, it is all handmade and you can choose these features vertically or horizontally. We also have 40×40 square canvases, 70×30 or 70×50 both with horizontal or vertical option, and 70×70 square, all have wooden frame to make it resistant and light at the same time, and, of course, the price varies depending on the choice of format.


As for the borders of this type of photo printing on canvas, you can choose according to the different types that are presented, there are:
Printed or folded: where the image is stretched like on a classic canvas until it fits the frame, so beware that important elements are too close to the edges.
Reflected: here the image is reflected in the thickness of the frame, but is fully visible at the front.
Stretched: here the last pixels of the image are stretched to cover the width of the frame, and your image will be displayed in full at the front.
White or black: the border in one of these colors would highlight the image, which would be displayed in full at the front.


There are different types of frames to show off a photo print on canvas, they can be made of wood or plastic. The wooden ones with a thickness of 2 cm for example are light and only need a couple of nails to hang it, however, a thicker wooden frame of 3.5cm, for example, will give it a gallery effect for its expressiveness and will also have greater stability. If the material is wood, you can choose the type and color, walnut, oak, acacia… On the other hand, a plastic frame will perhaps give a more modern look to your photo and will be cheaper, but it will always be less resistant than a wooden frame, whose natural tones will usually combine better with the surrounding wall and decoration.

Picture frame

A frame as such is defined as the frame that holds something, a structure of sticks or slats with a hole on which canvases or canvases are fixed for painting or embroidery. The wooden frames we use for the canvases are flexible materials that are placed on them and are hidden once installed because they are not part of the decoration or work to be held, they simply keep them stretched for exhibition.

Photo Printing on Canvas

It is true that not all the responsibility of a photo on canvas print lies on the canvas, but the characteristics of the photo are also important as far as quality is concerned. Nowadays, with digital photos being taken, they become files whose resolution must be taken into account, there are platforms that help you measure and know if it would be suitable or not for a canvas.

Printing style

In terms of printing, there are several styles such as the following:

Matte: it is a classic style, it gives the photograph a vivid effect with soft touch, sometimes you can choose even waterproof. It is especially suitable for portraits and inert nature.

Fine-art: this is a high-end print, used in museums and exhibitions for its quality and optimal nature to be archived. Exceeding 100 years without perceptive color alterations. This type of canvas is composed mostly of cotton or alpha cellulose, free of lignin, has a controlled pH and is not artificially bleached with chlorine.

In this post we have been able to understand in a better way what is a photo print on canvas, its different characteristics and everything that must be taken into account before carrying out the request for this service that requires so much care and attention, for how this work is done and the emotional charge so high that it has to show a personal moment with that story that has behind every picture we take with those unique meanings that sometimes we like to share with others.

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