How to Keep Your Canvas Prints Looking Their Best

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What to do with your canvas prints when they become dirty

If you take good care of your canvas prints, they’ll look just as good as the day you got them. The following techniques will help you maintain your canvas prints looking like new despite normal wear and tear.

You’re up against the water.

Showcase your canvas in a well-lit area with good airflow. If you’re going to hang photos on canvas in a humid environment, don’t do it above a humidifier or in an unfinished basement. Hang your print in a place with low humidity and minimal temperature fluctuation, such as your living room, to ensure it lasts a long time.

Excessive exposure to sunlight is just as harmful.

Pick a spot on the wall that isn’t directly in the path of the sun. When exposed to UV radiation, canvas prints may get discolored and lose their vibrant colors. Avoid direct sunlight at all times; a little light is OK.

Get rid of the dust and cobwebs.

Use a feather duster or a soft cloth to often dust prints. Even on wall art, dust has an unusual propensity to accumulate. A constant dusting is required to keep it from eating away at your canvas. You may even use a damp cloth to wipe the print; just be sure not to saturate it with water. You should also clean the print with a soft bristle brush or cloth to preserve it.

Put a stop to the usage of chemical pesticides.

Never use cleaners, solvents, or anything else on your canvas to clean it. Mistakes do happen every now and again. Avoid using household chemicals to clean your canvas if it gets more than just dirt or dust on it. Solvents don’t work well with artwork. Instead, make arrangements to have a cleaning service come in. If you’re looking for an expert in this field, a lot of art galleries may be able to help send you in the correct way

What to do with a canvas print that’s gone bad.

Canvas prints that have not been used should be kept in acid-free paper. This is an excellent way to freshen your canvas prints if you’ve run out of wall space or simply want something new. You just wrap the canvases tightly in acid-free construction paper, which can be found at most craft shops. The print will be protected, and the acid-free paper will help keep the colors vibrant. You may also use acid-free bubble wrap, but make sure it’s not too thin.

Save your money on canvas printing so you don’t have to replace it after a year since you forgot about it. Follow these recommendations to ensure that your high-quality image print will last for years to come and will still look great!


Upload as many photos as you want, on a single canvas you can display up to 1000 photos.


This is an amazing option if you have a lot of photos and want it all in one canvas print in such a beautiful way.


Let your wall tell a story through Canvas Wall Display

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