Best Photos to Use for Your Canvas Prints

What photos to print on my canvas? This question crosses the mind of every individual who goes on the quest of decorating their living spaces.

The right images can make or break the glory of your wall art designs so it’s important to make the best picks for your canvas prints.

From resolution to framing, here are all the qualities that you should look for in a potential canvas print.

High-Resolution Photos are an essential

There’s no such thing as too good image quality. The highest quality is the best. Canvas prints look flawless when they are sharp and focused. This requires high-resolution images with a high pixel count.

Take this trick up your sleeve: know your canvas size and add two zeros at the end of each measurement to get an excellent image resolution. For instance, if you use a 22” x 34” frame, 2200 x 3400 will be a good resolution. Canvas Dubai or Canvas Abu Dhabi might have what you’re looking for.

Final Printing Resolution is another essential

Digital resolution and final resolution of a canvas print are two separate things since canvas does not have any pixels neither does the printer.

Printing comes with a parameter known as DPI – Dots per Inch, which is the number of dots in different colors the printer will add in every inch of the image. Higher DPI gives a more detailed and sharp print.

Keeping in mind the roughness of the canvas and the size of the frame, you should select images of 200-300dpi.

A Defined Subject

You don’t want an overpopulated or vaguely defined photo on your wall. The subject of the image must be clear and has to catch the eye with an appealing approach. A strong subject with a neutral background looks amazing but you can always play with your imagination to find what suits your space. Canvas Uae is a good place to start your hunt.

Vibrant Colors

While black and whites are great options, vibrant hues make for amazing eye-catchers.

The vibrancy of colors in a canvas is what makes it attractive enough to stop and stare at. Find colorful canvas prints on Canvas Abu Dhabi or Canvas Dubai.

Your Own Photography

This gives you the chance to add sentiment by putting up family photos or your own creativity on the walls.

Although you must keep in mind that the images must be canvas-worthy or you can always go for Canvas Prints Online.


Online Web Photos

As mentioned earlier, Canvas Prints Online offer amazing pictures. Canvas Uae has also got you covered for all the classy touch-ups your wall needs. Just look out for copyright infringement and other issues while you go for websites offering free photos.

Framing – the last touch-up

Once printed, all your canvas needs are framing. Gallery-wrapped canvas style gives a floating effect that looks modern and clean.

Another option is a solid color or mirror wrapping which makes for an elegant and classy finish.

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